Photo of Doctor Richard O MalleyRichard O'Malley, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Edison township Schools Edison, NJ

Dr. Richard O’Malley has been the Superintendent of the Edison Township Public Schools since February 2010. Dr. O’Malley, who administers the fifth largest school district in New Jersey with approximately 15,000 students, speaking over 97 different languages enrolled in 19 schools, has focused on ensuring that all students achieve at the highest level of academic success and equity for all students is at the forefront of his administrative agenda.  Over the past several years, the district has rebounded from the devastating financial cuts of 2010 and has now moved forward exponentially to increase student achievement, reducing achievement gaps, renovate and improve facilities, and implement innovative academic curriculum and programs to make the Edison Public Schools the best school district in the nation.  

Dr. O’Malley’s leadership has led the Edison Public Schools to pass 3 out of the last 4 budgets with the first ever tax levy decrease.  Prior to Dr. O’Malley’s arrival, the district did not pass a budget in the previous 9 years.  Additionally, the Edison Public Schools are on a plan to make Edison the first public school district in NJ to be completely debt-free.  Dr. O’Malley has distinguished himself as a national instructional technology leader with innovative programs utilizing I pads, Chromebooks, Promethean boards, and expanded access to the Internet through private fiber and wireless networks.  He has upgraded district media centers, implemented new math and language arts programs, established robust remedial programs, reinstituted the elementary gifted and talented program , expanded world language opportunities, as well as reducing class sizes and adding to an already successful district music program.  In addition, he has provided the necessary leadership to institute a school breakfast program throughout the district that now provides breakfast to over 4,000 students every day in all 19 locations.  Prior to his arrival, the district of approximately 15,000 students was serving breakfast to only 36 students in the entire district.  

Inform, Include, Inspire, and Innovate; these are the ideals Dr. O’Malley holds for the Edison Township Public Schools, with an emphasis on demonstrating to the District and community that “we are thriving not just surviving”.

Dr. O’Malley’s goal to build stronger ties within the district and community is the direct result of his tireless efforts to reach out and connect with all constituents through monthly e-newsletters, a new website, and the new  “My Edison” app, in which Edison is the first School district in the nation to launch, to name a few.  He has immersed himself in becoming a collaborative member of the community and organizations, forming partnerships and support for the district. His leadership has earned the district the respect and recognition locally, statewide and nationally for innovations in technology and learning. 

Dr. O’Malley sees a bright future for the Edison Township Public Schools.

Dr. O’Malley attended Clemson University for his undergraduate studies and has a doctorate in Educational Administration from Seton Hall University.  He currently lives in Raritan Township, New Jersey with his wife Christina, whom have been married for 17 years and have three beautiful children; Ryan (15), Kaitlin (13) and Emma Claire (11).