Photo of David R VossDavid R. Voss

President of Voss & Associates

In today’s era of choice, schools districts must market to survive, engage communities to build support, and leverage technology to save money. From his early days in journalism to his keynote address on digital storytelling, David R. Voss understands the power of message along with 21st Century technology and how to leverage it. 

David R. Voss has been communicating with the public about education for the past 25 Director of Communications for the Florida Department of Education, as Director of Marketing for Apple Computer's Education Division, and as a private consultant and trainer for school boards, superintendents and school districts throughout the country. His entire business is build around the notion that powerful communication will help children, educators and communities. 

He has trained hundreds of professionals the art of communication, whether it’s in front of the camera during a crisis, speaking in front of hundreds to pass a multi-million dollar bond referendum, or meeting one-on-one with an angry parent. Most importantly, he makes the connection between communication and student achievement…your bottom line.